Hairdressers present plan to reopen in social distancing society

Hairdressers present plan to reopen in social distancing society

By using masks, gloves, and splash screens, hairdressers in the Netherlands think they can safely reopen their doors to customers, according to a protocol drawn up by unions CNV and FNV together with hairdressing organization ANKO. Hair salons in the country are currently closed due to measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“In addition to the economic necessity, there is an increasing demand for the salons to be reopened,” CNV director Willem Kruithof said to RTL Nieuws. He understands why salons had to close – safety comes first – but thinks that with sufficient measures, it can be safe to open these businesses again. “The Ministry has rightly set strict standards for this. Without a protocol, nothing is possible.”

Measures in the protocol include having fewer occupied seats in the salon, the use of masks by hairdressers and customers, hairdressers wearing gloves, and the use of splash shields between hairdressers and customers. Hairdressers must also be able to keep 1.5 meters apart from one another, also during breaks.

According to the unions, the interests of the hairdressers themselves come first. For that reason, the most important part of the protocol is that hairdressers must always work voluntarily. “If they do not feel comfortable, they just stop,” Kruithof said to the broadcaster.

Kruithof expects that these extra measures will result in somewhat higher prices for a haircut. “The customer has to pay something extra for the safety equipment that must now be used to serve him or her. The hairdressers really cannot afford all that themselves.”