Tiger King’s Joe Exotic ‘tried to swap big cats for wolves’ before 2018 arrest

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic ‘tried to swap big cats for wolves’ before 2018 arrest

Tiger King start Joe Exotic reportedly got hold of 28 grey wolves for his zoo shortly before his 2018 arrested.

It’s now been reported that shortly before he was thrown in jail, Joe, 57, managed to get his hands on 28 wolves for his zoo in Oklahoma in a bid to become the Wolf King.

According to TMZ.com, Animal Legal Defense Fund attorney Christopher Berry accused the Exotic of violating the Endangered Species Act for the sale and transportation of the wolves from Minnesota.

The group filed a lawsuit alleging the deal violated the federal Endangered Species Act.

The website reports that the Netflix star – real name Joe Maldonado-Passage – denied the accusations in a phone call to Berry.

The report also suggests some of the wolves got out of their enclosures and ran amok, and Exotic later agreed to send 25 of the 28 to the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in California.

After the wolves were moved, the Animal Legal Defense Fund decided against pursing any further action against Exotic.

The star of Netflix’s hit show was detained by cops in late 2018 on suspicion of murder for hire over a plot to kill off his rival Carole Baskin.

In April 2019, he was convicted on two counts of murder for hire, as well as a number of charges relating to the illegal wildlife trade and is serving 22 years behind bars.

He remains in an Oklahoma prison where he’s serving out the rest of his sentence.